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Car Park

Fleet Portal Details

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Car Dealership


Document flow in your shop is critical.  Don't waste time, keep a customer waiting, or get stressed out.  The Shop Portal will get everything going where it needs to go when it needs to go.  With automated emails and text messages, keep everyone informed at all times

  • Quickly create Estimates/Jobs/Invoices

  • Easy to manage current work list of open documents

  • Create and use Standard Jobs, add multiple Standard Jobs to any Estimate

  • Email or Text Estimates and Invoices with a single click

  • VIN lookup, integrate lookup, scanner input 

  • Parts only invoices to counter sales

  • Easy upload of pictures/videos/PDfs, any electronic file

  • Create storage invoices

  • Communicate with customers about estimates, jobs and invoices

  • Confirm customer appointments from your smart phone


You need to do some planning to have a well run shop.  With a little planning, available in the Shop Portal, you can make sure all jobs are profitable, control your inventory, track your tech's time and optimize your shop with a balanced calendar.

  • Profit analysis on all Estimates and Jobs

  • Create labor codes, parts and fees 'on the fly'

  • Track inventory in Shop Methods and automatic update in external financial systems such as Quick Books Online

  • Automatic generation of Purchase Orders and emailing to vendors

  • View technician time charged to tasks

  • Track employee clock in/out

  • View graphic calendar for scheduling of jobs across resources

  • Custom forms, communications, and reports

Asset Tracking
Choosing a Tire


With a well organized shop you can do things efficiently with high quality.  Shop Methods allows you to keep your office organized and running smoothly.

  • Create and maintain Standard Jobs to quickly setup up common tasks

  • Create multiple Invoices for a given Job

  • Collect multiple payments of a variety of payment types for each Invoice

  • Customer accounts so larger customer's can pay monthly

  • Create Estimates directly from customer appointments

  • Automatic nightly reporting, subscribe to the reports you want delivered each morning

  • Automatic emailing and texting of documents to shop managers, technicians and customers

  • Run multiple shops from Shop Methods

    • ​Unlimited Regions

    • Unlimited Shops in a Region

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